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Cotton Garments Factory

SWARNAM manufactures all types of ladies cotton garments, be these dresses, tops or bottom-wear products. Cotton is a breathing fabric and is mostly in demand due to its natural fibre content. This fabric is available in different varieties. The fabric does well in all seasons, though it is most popular during the summers. Generally, casual women garments are produced in cotton fabrics which are easy to use and can be worn for comfort.

India is one of the largest exporters of cotton garments. The exports are chiefly to western countries, including United States and Europe. Cotton is grown in the black cotton soil region of the country which covers the parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat. SWARNAM has the capability to source any type of cotton fabric as per your specification from different parts of the country and in any quantity. Low cost of skilled labour in India permits us to produce quality garments at low prices. If you are looking for low cost cotton garments factory, feel free to contact us.

Cotton Garments

Our wholesale and export of cotton clothing is done in the form of casual dresses, tops, camisoles, boleros, skirts, trousers, shorts and other women clothing items. Cotton garments are produced in any colour but the fabric length in any colour has to be respectable enough to enable factory-dyeing. White and black cottons are regular colours and small order quantities for these are okay.

Beaded Cotton Clothes

To add value to cotton clothes, we can also provide hand or machine embroidery services. All designs are developed afresh and are unique.

Please feel free to contact us for your cotton garment manufacturing and export requirements.

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Our Services


We undertake sampling based on your new collection or provide our designs for your market.


We execute production orders for all seasons and ensure quality and timely delivery.


We produce fresh and unique embroidery designs as per your requirements.

Digital Printing

Digital printing of designs provided by you can be done on fabrics for making garments.


We export via air or sea freight to any destination of the world.

Why Choose Us

Total Manufacturing

From Pret to Haute Couture.

Low Order

We are okay with low minimum order quantities.

Complex Style

We have the skill set to make difficult styles.

Quality Control

Quality is controlled at all steps of garment manufacturing.

Unique & Tasteful

In-house development of embroidery designs.


Passion of our team drives excellence in workmanship.


We understand the importance of clear communication to clients.


Production is followed up with timely deliveries of the garments.

Strict Covid-19

Thermal checks, face masks, distancing and sanitization for Covid-free production environment.

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