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Embroidered Clothing Factory

SWARNAM manufactures and exports beaded and sequined ladies garments. These are crafted with traditional and popular hand beading methods.

We manufacture the following using these techniques:

  • Beaded Ladies Western Dresses
  • Beaded Ladies Western Top wear
  • Beaded Ladies Western Bottom wear
  • Beaded Kaftans
  • Beaded Abayas
  • Beaded Fabrics
  • Beaded Motifs (Patchworks or Appliques)

Quality Specifications for Beaded Garments Manufacturing

There are a number of ways in which quality of beaded garments can be determined. Cost of these garments is also related to the quality. Best quality beaded clothing comes with highest price.

  • Use of best quality material.
  • Proper fastening of beads and sequins to the fabrics.
  • Ensuring that the beading does not irritate the body on touch.
  • Appropriate density of work, as per client requirement.
  • Stitches at proper intervals during the beading process ensure that work is not undone completely even when one stitch is cut accidentally.

Sequined Clothes Add Value

What makes the beaded clothing so special? For one, these garments add value to the otherwise simple garment. These enhance the look and feel of the clothes. These methods are being used since the medieval times for providing a richer look.

Method of Beading or Adding Sequins

The most popular method of adding the beads or sequins or other embellishments on garments is by first marking the fabric and then fastening the fabric on the wooden frames for this purpose. Thereafter, the beaders work on the fabric to embellish it. This is called the placement embroidery or beading work. This is usually done on fabrics which are simple to make.

For crafting the women garments with lots of drapes and frills, either the whole fabric is beaded and then cut and stitched, or the beaded motifs are used to place on the garment at the right place.

SWARNAM has more than three decades of experience in producing quality beaded and sequined clothes. Do let us know if you need to produce one for yourself. We provide sampling as well as production support. We produce original designs, with the use of different embellishments that go well with your collection story. Do email us at contact@swarnam.co.in or call us at: 91- 8375063413.

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Our Services


We undertake sampling based on your new collection or provide our designs for your market.


We execute production orders for all seasons and ensure quality and timely delivery.


We produce fresh and unique embroidery designs as per your requirements.

Digital Printing

Digital printing of designs provided by you can be done on fabrics for making garments.


We export via air or sea freight to any destination of the world.

Why Choose Us

Total Manufacturing

From Pret to Haute Couture.

Low Order

We are okay with low minimum order quantities.

Complex Style

We have the skill set to make difficult styles.

Quality Control

Quality is controlled at all steps of garment manufacturing.

Unique & Tasteful

In-house development of embroidery designs.


Passion of our team drives excellence in workmanship.


We understand the importance of clear communication to clients.


Production is followed up with timely deliveries of the garments.

Strict Covid-19

Thermal checks, face masks, distancing and sanitization for Covid-free production environment.

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